A Healing Full Moon Ritual Bath

“The moon, like a flower in heaven's high bower, with silent delight sits and smiles on the night.” -William Blake


Working with the Energy of the Full Moon

Anyone can appreciate the majesty of the moon when she’s at her fullest, most glorious expression! I think there’s something so old within us that innately connects us to the moon and her monthly cycles.

Full moons are spiritually a very powerful time; they naturally enhance our own personal magic and our ability to deepen into our intuition. At the same time, full moons ILLUMINATE THE DARKNESS and expose our shadows. During this moon phase our emotions can run deep as we are confronted with aspects of ourselves we’d rather leave in the shadow. Although this can all sound daunting, this is actually an excellent opportunity for GROWTH, HEALING + EXPANSION! In order to grow and step into our fullest, expanded selves, we must heal and release what is holding us back and preventing us from moving forward.

This full moon bath ritual is a great way to practice self love and healing as you delve into the waters of the full moon, tap into her wisdom and move through our own shadows that come up to be healed.


Full Moon Bath Recipe

You will need:

  • a glass jar

  • 1-2 cups of sea salt

  • a handful of Sage*

  • a handful of Rosemary*

  • a handful of Mugwort*

  • a clear quartz crystal

  • any other items you would like to decorate your bathroom with to honor this sacred night

Mix the sea salt and herbs into a glass jar (make extra, because you’re not going to use all of it tonight)

Set Your Sacred Space

It’s important before you hop into the tub that your bathroom is the ideal setting for your bath ritual. Make sure the tub and surrounding areas are clean. Have your most favorite, fresh, clean towel for this night of self care. Make your bathroom feel extra sacred by lighting candles, bringing in other crystals to set around (ie Moonstone, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Aquamarine and Rose Quartz are all great crystals to work with on the full moon), lighting incense or diffusing essential oils also help to set the space.


7 Steps to heal in your Full Moon Bath Ritual

  1. Once your sacred space is set, run your bath and VISUALIZE the moonlight pouring into your tub.

  2. As you toss in Sea Salt, ask for PURIFICATION. As you toss in Sage, ask for the WISDOM to recognize the parts of your subconscious that need to be healed. As you toss in Rosemary, ask for PROTECTION. As you toss in Mugwort, ask for strong INNER VISION to open your intuition. Place your Clear Quartz into the tub and ask for HEALING.

  3. Once you’re in the bath, take a few moments to settle in; connect with your breath; feel all the rhythms of your body slow down as you get really RELAXED + PRESENT to what is coming up for you tonight. Really identify those old patterns, those old wounds, or the parts of your ego that are preventing you from truly standing in your most expanded self.

  4. Breathe slowly and deeply as you ask for massive healing. Feel the healing waters clear away any negativity, or anything that is no longer serving you. Let it go with your exhales. HEAL + LET GO. Heal and let go. Heal and let go. (Remember, the healing of old patterns and wounds don’t happen within one night- be patient and gentle with yourself. Healing takes time and there is no sense to rush anything).

  5. Finally you’re going to connect to the wisdom of the Moon. Close your eyes and visualize yourself outside under the full moonlight. Ask the moon for any GUIDANCE or WISDOM you are seeking at this time. If you can’t think of anything specific, simply ask “What is my message on this Full Moon night?” Stay quiet and simply listen.

  6. Before getting out of the tub give massive THANKS + GRATITUDE to our ever supportive Earth, to the ever expanding Universe, and to that perfect Divine Light within yourself.

  7. Once you’re all dried off, put your Clear Quartz into the jar with your remaining salt + herbs, and set the jar outside (or on a window ledge) to be charged by the Full Moon light. (The Clear Quartz helps to amplify and contain the moon’s energy). Now you have your own magical bath salts charged with the energy of the full moon that can be used at any time for deep healing.

Wishing you beautiful Full Moon blessings!

*CAUTION: do not use these herbs if you are pregnant. Instead mix up Rose Petals, Orange Peel and Calendula- this offers a more gentle, loving energy and are safe during pregnancy