On the label of your candle you may notice a little line that suggests burning your candle on a specific day of the week. Every planet in our solar system, including our Moon and Sun all have their own energy, attributes and "personalities". Each planet rules a specific day of the week, and therefore each day carries the energy of its ruling planet.

Working with planetary energy is a great way to increase the potency of your intention, and you can do this by setting your ritual on a specific day of the week. Below is a quick description of each planetary day of the week, and what energies they rule:


| day of the Moon |

This day rules magic and mystery; the feminine; healing; women's mysteries; psychic abilities; shadow work; the Mother.

Great day to set intentions around restoring emotional and spiritual health, balancing mood, strengthening psychic ability, tapping into your personal magic, doing shadow work.


| day of Mars |

This day rules aggression and a war-like energy; the masculine; the ability to stand your ground; strength and courage.

Great day to set intentions around building strength, courage, moving through obstacles, standing in your power, asserting your yourself.


| day of Mercury |


This day rules communication and business affairs; contracts; expression through speech; the arts; travel and technology.

Great day to set intentions around improving communication, strengthening business relationships, smooth travel, developing all aspects of the arts.

This day rules everything dealing with expansion in abundance and prosperity; wealth; growth.

Great day to set intentions around growth of all kinds, expansion, attracting wealth, developing personal growth, expanding a career.


| day of Jupiter |

This day rules love and beauty; sexuality; love attraction; partnership; romance; birth and the feminine.

Great day to set intentions around attracting a partner, cultivating love within an existing relationship, inviting more love and empathy into the heart, filling your home with a loving energy, cultivating inner and outer beauty.


| day of Venus |

This day rules binding and protection; banishing; creating boundaries; organization; authority and discipline; the Father.

Great day to set intentions around building boundaries and protection, pushing away negativity, protecting against negative energy, creating boundaries around a situation.


| day of Saturn |

This day rules the Self and personal achievements; success; career; being seen; standing in your power; inner strength; glory and victory.

Great day to set intentions around building confidence, strengthening your career, being seen, physical healing, strengthening your sense of self, cultivating inner power, and succeeding at your goals.


| day of the Sun |