"Although I did not call her by that name then, my love for Wild Woman began when I was a little girl. I was an aesthetic rather than an athlete, and my only wish was to be an ecstatic wanderer. Rather than chairs and tables, I preferred the ground, trees, and caves, for in those places I felt I could lean against the cheek of God." -Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs

photo by Arden Wray

photo by Arden Wray

My Story

I am a candlemaker, a mother, an actress, a tarot reader, a yoga instructor, a craftswoman, and an aspiring homesteader. Ritual and magic are deeply embedded in my spirit. I grew up in the oldest settlement in Upper Canada and always felt the ghostly presence of ancient pioneers, and wise women who came before me lingering in the woods; quietly whispering in my ears to pay attention to the magic in nature around me. Walking through the woods and feeling the Great Presence, the elements and spirits began to be a ritual in itself. For many years the practice of performing my own small ritual- whether it be conversing with nature, yoga practice, or lighting a stick of palo santo and dropping into meditation- has been an important piece of how I express myself.

Being an actress, there is a major part of my being that thrives in expressing a character's psyche and visual storytelling. But I began to feel there was a missing piece (creatively speaking). I needed to create something physical, something tangible, and I began to feel a tug on my sleeve pulling me towards conceiving and crafting my own little tools that could be used in ritual- for myself, and for others.

The Candles

Growing up, candles were used for special occasions: birthdays; visiting company; counting the days of Advent; religious holidays. Lighting a candle soon became a ritual for my meditation practice and prayer, and so it made sense for my first ritual tools to be that in which I was most familiar.

Candles are powerful little tools we can use to not only create the atmosphere for any ceremony, but also as a ritual in themselves to strengthen and focus our own intentions. When we go deep inside and figure out what we need, what we want to create, what kind of life we want to design for ourselves, and when we consciously set those intentions, major shifts can happen. For many, candles and wishes go hand-in-hand: on your birthday, light a candle, make a wish, blow it out, hope wish comes true. Whenever I feel the need to come into ceremony to work an intention, I always add a candle to pour my intention into. As the candle burns, the intention is released up and out where it may come to fruition if it is for the best and highest good.

All my candles have been hand crafted with love and care. They are hand rolled from 100% Canadian beeswax sheets, using a 100% cotton wick and a clear quartz crystal at the bottom. They are used to help you develop your own tiny ritual at home, finding the practice and ceremony that most authentically suits you. Set your intentions with the purest of heart for your highest good, and work your inner magic!